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among us
Pittige habanero voor Spicy Gin
Slide Pittige habanero voor Spicy Gin Spice up
your life
Slide Pittige habanero voor Spicy Gin Gin not to Tonic
Bruges Premium Gin

Spicy Fox gin

Spicy Fox is a traditionally distilled premium gin clear in colour that packs quite a punch. 
With its 46° and spicy character, its pleasant taste continues for quite a while after drinking it even when combined with tonic water. A gin with quite a punch just as the person who made it happen and gave the gin its name: Betty Devos. The black bottle with a golden print emanates class and is a true eye-catcher.  In a restaurant, at a bar or simply in your living room.

Spicy-Fox Habanero

Habanero pepper

gives Spicy Fox its hot punchy taste

Spicy-Fox rozemarijn


for a tasty subtle aromatic aroma

Spicy-Fox Bergamot


gives it an exotic taste

Spicy Fox Premium Gin
Spicy-Fox Eucalyptus


guarantees a fresh taste

Spicy-Fox Duivelsklauw

Devil's claw and bearded iris

guarantee the right body and balance

Spicy-Fox Rabarber


gives the gin a sweet taste with a fruity accent


Where to buy?

Hotel Jan Brito
Freren Fonteinstraat 1
8000 Brugge

B2B Young Charly
Antwerpsesteenweg 61
2630 Aartselaar

Spicy Fox premium Gin

Spice up your life

The Story behind

Spicy Fox

Since her 40th birthday was not something she was looking forward to. And she did want it to be something positive. Because they are both gin lovers. Because they just cannot sit still as driven business people and hotel operators. This is why Betty Devos (The Fox) and Dimitri Thirion decided to put their own gin on the market. The first premium gin from Bruges.

Betty & Dimitri, de bezielers van Spicy Fox
Turning 40 … that's really something!

There is not much difference really between 38 and 39, but my head thinks differently… It really started to mess with my head. It became so bad that everybody knew I wasn’t looking forward to 2021. Let alone in these bizarre coronavirus times. To change these negative vibes into something positive, I went in search of a way to look forward to that day in some way. It had to be something that reflected both my story and who I am. I see life as a TGV train that is reaching its cruising speed. The train slowly gets up to speed during the first 100 kilometres, but, as it travels, the velocity and swing are achieved. You do not consider it until, along the way, obstacles make you stop and do it. They start to become bigger and bigger.
 Now, the TGV is at cruising speed. With the power, will and spunk to go further. Determined to reach its destination.

Spicy Fox premium Gin

Perfect Serve

Spicy Fox Perfect Serve No Tonic
Perfect Serve

Spicy Gin not to Tonic

Take a tumbler with a few ice cubes

Add 6 cl of Spicy Fox Bruges Premium Gin

Top it off with lime or lemon zest

Spicy Fox Perfect Serve Gin & Tonic
Perfect serve

Spicy Gin & Tonic

Pour 6 cl of Spicy Fox Bruges Premium Gin in a gin and tonic glass

Add 1 bottle of Pink Pepper Schweppes Premium Mixer

Top it off with:

A few pink (pepper) berries

A few juniper berries

A twig of rosemary

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